Note:  Invited talks indicated in BLUE
Thursday, November 7 - 17:00-18:45        
Session 1A Registration & Welcome Reception Physics Building, Lobby
Thursday, November 7 - 19:00-20:00        
Session A1 Public Lecture (Open to the Public) Life Sciences Building, Monsanto Auditorium Moderator:  Carlos Wexler, University of Missouri
19:00 20:00 Higgs Boson and Beyond: The Big Questions in Particle Physics MARK NEUBAUER University of Illinois
Friday November 8 - 8:00-16:00        
Session 2A Registration Desk Memorial Union, Stotler III
Friday, November 8 - 8:30-9:54        
Session B1 Particle Physics I Memorial Union, Benton Bingham (2nd floor) Chair: Bahram Mashhoon, University of Missouri
8:30 9:06 B1.00001 Higgs boson Properties and Prospects MARK NEUBAUER University of Illinois
9:06 9:18 B1.00002 Observation of a Z boson produced in association with a charm quark at the Fermilab Tevatron JESSICA SECKLER, KEITH MATERA, KEVIN PITTS Wheaton College, University of Illinois, CDE Collaboration
9:18 9:30 B1.00003 Particle Assignment in the ttH Production Channel of the Higgs Boson EMMA MOLDEN University of Illinois 
9:30 9:42 B1.00004 The Complete Test Results of 1800 Multi-Anode Photomultiplier Tubes for CMS-HF Calorimeter Upgrade EMRAH TIRAS CMS-HCAL COLLABORATION
9:42 9:54 B1.00005 Proposal to search for D0 → μ+μ− decay at CMS SULEYMAN DURGUT
Session B2 Condensed Matter Physics I Memorial Union, Stotler I+II Chair: Tom Heitman, University of Missouri
8:30 9:06 B2.00001 Tb2Mo2O7: Spin glass, spin ice and possible candidate for magnetic monopoles exploration DEEPAK SINGH University of Missouri
9:06 9:18 B2.00002 Structural and Magnetic Transitions in Ca10 (Fe1.996Pt0.004As2) 5(Pt3As8) studied by neutron and x-ray diffraction AASHISH SAPKOTA, ANDREAS KREYSSIG, GREGORY TUCKER, MEHMET RAMAZANOGLU, DOUGLAS ROBINSON, ALAN GOLDMAN, ROBERT MCQUEENEY Iowa State University, Argonne National Lab, UCLA
9:18 9:30 B2.00003 Magnetic Order in CeGe1.76 studied by neutron diffraction on single crystals W. JAYASEKARA, W. TIAN,  A. KREYSSIG, S.L. BUD’KO, P.C. CANFIELD, R.J. MCQUEENEY, A.I. GOLDMAN Iowa State University, Oak Ridge National Lab
9:30 9:42 B2.00004 On the wetting, phase transitions, and diffusion of water on supported bilayer lipid membranes ZACHARY BUCK, ANDREW MISKOWIEC, MIA BROWN, MENGJUN BAI, JASON COOLEY, RENEE JIJI, HASKELL TAUB, FLEMMING HANSEN, HELMUT KAISER, MADHUSUDAN TYAGI, SOULEYMANE DIALLO, EUGENE MAMONTOV, KENNETH HERWIG University of Missouri
9:42 9:54 B2.00005 Magnetic diffraction at MURR and possible magnetic ordering in magnetoelectric HoAl3(BO3)4 TOM HEITMANN, QIANG ZHANG, K.C. LIANG, L.M. BEZMATER- NYKH, V.L. TEMEROV, B. LORENZ, DAVID VAKNIN University of Missouri
Friday, November 8 - 10:00-10:30        
Coffee Break Memorial Union, Stotler III
Friday, November 8 - 10:30-12:00        
Session C1 Particle Physics II Memorial Union, Benton Bingham (2nd floor) Chair: Mark Neubauer, University of Illinois
10:30 10:42 C1.00001 Studies of the CMS HF “aging” effect at the High- luminosity LHC KAMURAN DILSIZ CMS COLLABORATION
10:42 10:54 C1.00002 J/ψ photo-production at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider with STAR L. CHANAKA DE SILVA Creighton University, STAR COLLABORATION
10:54 11:06 C1.00003 Evidence of Narrow Structure in the J/ψφ Mass Spectrum in Exclusive B+ → J/ψφK+ decay at CMS MAKSAT HAYTMYRADOV CMS COLLABORATION
11:06 11:18 C1.00004 Optimizing the Monte Carlo Simulation for the Dark-Side Detector MATTHEW SMALLCOMB, ANDREW ALTON Augustana College, DARKSIDE Coll.
11:18 11:30 C1.00005 The Muon Charge Asymmetry Measurement in Inclusive pp→W+X production at √s=7 TeV HASAN OGUL University of Iowa, CMS COLLABORATION
11:30 11:42 C1.00006 Comparative study of nonperturbative heavy quarks in the nucleon TIMOTHY HOBBS, JOHN LONDERGAN, WALLY MELNITCHOUK Indiana University, Jefferson Lab
11:42 11:54 C1.00007 Searches for possible T-odd and P-odd short range interactions using polarized nuclei RAKSHYA KHATIWADA,  PINGHAN CHU, ALEC DENNIS, CHANGBO FU,  HAIYAN GAO, GEORGIOS LASKARIS, KE LI, ERICK SMITH, WILLIAM SNOW, HAIYANG YAN,WANGZHI ZHENG Indiana University, Duke University, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Session C2 Condensed Matter Physics II Memorial Union, Stotler I+II Chair: Helmut Kaiser, University of Missouri
10:30 11:06 C2.00001 Site-inversion versus frustration in the CoAl2O4 spinel: A neutron diffraction study at MURR DAVID VAKNIN Ames Laboratory & Iowa State University
11:06 11:18 C2.00002 Adsorption-Induced Conformational Changes in Porous Materials MATTHEW CONNOLLY, CARLOS WEXLER University of Missouri
11:18 11:30 C2.00003 Diffusion of Squalene in n-alkanes and squalane BRUCE KOWERT St. Louis University
11:30 12:06 C2.00004 Emergence of coherence in the charge density wave state of intercalated 2H-NbSe2 STEPHAN ROSENKRANZ Argonne National Lab
Friday, November 8 - 12:00-13:50        
Lunch Student Lunch & Visit Physics Building, Rooms 221+226 Boxed lunch and visit to the University of Missouri Department of Physics & Astronomy
MURR Visit Visit to the University of Missouri Research Reactor Must pre-register, contact Dr. Thomas Heitman <>at least 1 week in advance.  Restrictions apply.
APS Prairie Section Executive Committee Meeting Physics Building, Room 216 Boxed lunch & Exec. Cmte. Meeting
Friday, November 8 - 14:00-15:36        
Session D1 Astrophysics, Space Physics, Cosmology Memorial Union, Benton Bingham (2nd floor) Chair: Angela Speck, University of Missouri
14:00 14:36 D1.00001 Thermodynamic modifications to spectral analysis and radiative transfer models of dust: Implications for asteroids, circumstellar dust, and gravitational collapse ANNE HOFMEISTER Washingtion University
14:36 14:48 D1.00002 Using Spatially-Resolved Spectroscopy to Study Star-dust LACEY DANIELS, SPECK ANGELA, NELSON DESOUZA, SUKLIMA GUHA NIYOGI University of Missouri
14:48 15:00 D1.00003 A Newtonian bias embedded within the Schwarzschild metric JOHN LAUBENSTEIN Northern Illinois University
15:00 15:12 D1.00004 Single Pulsar Timing and Gravitational Waves ADAM HELFER University of Missouri
15:12 15:24 D1.00005 Gravitational Anomalies: An Attribute of Every Planetary and Satellite Body: A Natural Law STEWART BREKKE Northeastern Illinois University
Structured mRNA induces the ribosome into a hyper-rotated state PETER CORNISH, PEIWU QIN, DONGMEI YU, XIAOBING ZUO University of Missouri
Session D2 Biological Physics Memorial Union, Stotler I+II Chair: Ioan Kosztin, University of Missouri
14:00 14:12 D2.00001 Predictive modeling of the fusion of uneven multi-cellular aggregates using Cellular Particle Dynamics simulations MATTHEW MCCUNE, ASHKAN SHAFIEE, GABOR FORGACS, IOAN KOSZTIN University of Missouri
14:12 14:24 D2.00002 Investigation of SHAPE mechanism with RNA 3D structure modeling PEINAN ZHAO, TRAVIS HURST, XIAOJUN XU, KEVIN WEEKS, SHIJIE CHEN University of Missouri
14:24 14:36 D2.00003 abstract withdrawn
14:36 14:48 D2.00004 A Physics Approach to the Repositioning of DNA Damage SARAH LEGRESLEY, MATTHEW ANTONIK University of Kansas
14:48 15:00 D2.00005 Calculating free energy profiles in systems with memory effects from bi-directional pulling processes JIONG ZHANG, IOAN KOSZTIN University of Missouri
15:00 15:12 D2.00006 Glass is a viable substrate for atomic force microscopy of membrane proteins NAGARAJU CHADA, KRISHNA SIGDEL, TINA MATIN, RAGHAVENDAR REDDY SANGANNA GARI, CHUNFENG MAO, LINDA RANDALL, GAVIN KING University of Missouri
15:12 15:24 D2.00007 A calibration error revealed via local tip position detection in atomic force microscopy KRISHNA SIGDEL, GAVIN KING University of Missouri
15:24 15:36 D2.00008 A novel approach to modeling photon propagation in biological tissue using the scattering signatures of spheroidal particles VERN HART, TIMOTHY DOYLE William Woods University, Utah Valley University
Friday, November 8 - 15:36-16:00        
Coffee Break Memorial Union, Stotler III
Friday, November 8 - 16:00-17:36        
Session E1 Physics Education Memorial Union, Benton Bingham (2nd floor) Chair: Meera Chandrasekhar, University of Missouri
16:00 16:36 E1.00001 Flipping Introductory Physics at the University of Illinois TIM STELZER University of Illinois
16:36 16:48 E1.00002 Tomorrow’s Outstanding Physics Teachers at the University of Missouri KAREN KING, DOUG STEINHOFF University of Missouri, Columbia Public Schools
16:48 17:00 E1.00003 Barriers to Developing Physics Faculty Knowledge for Teaching: Identifying Gaps through Critical Review of the Literature DEEPIKA MENON University of Missouri
17:00 17:36 E1.00004 Facilitating Transfer of Learning and Problem Solving in Physics N. SANJAY REBELLO Kansas State University
Session E2 Condensed Matter Physics III Memorial Union, Stotler I+II Chair: Sashi Satpathy, University of Missouri
16:00 16:36 E2.00001 Superconductivity in Topological Insulators  YEW SAN HOR  Missouri Univ of Sci & Tech
16:36 16:48 E2.00002 The lifetime of Dirac plasmons in graphene  ALESSANDRO PRINCIPI, GIOVANNI VIGNALE, MATTEO CARREGA, MARCO POLINI University of Missouri
16:48 17:00 E2.00003 Density-Functional Theory of Thermoelectric Phenomena FLORIAN G. EICH, GIOVANNI VIGNALE, MASSIMILIANO DI VENTRA University of Missouri
17:00 17:36 E2.00004 Magnetism in iron-based high-temperature superconductors and its effect on lattice and superconductivity  ANDREAS KREYSSIG  Ames Laboratory & Iowa State University
Friday, November 8 - 17:40-19:00        
Session F1 Poster Session Memorial Union, Mark Twain (2nd floor)
See "Poster Session" 
Friday, November 8 - 19:30-21:30        
Session G1 Conference Dinner/Banquet Memorial Union, Stotler I+II+III
(tickets required)
Saturday November 9 - 8:30-10:06        
Session H1 Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, Industrial Physics Physics Building, Room 120 Chair: Ping Yu, University of Missouri
8:30 8:42 H1.00001 Classical Trajectory Studies of the Hydrogen Peroxyl Radical HO2 JAMIN PERRY, ALBERT WAGNER, DONALD THOMPSON University of Missouri
8:42 8:54 H1.00002 Experimental Evidence for a non-Globally Trace-Preserving POVM RAYMOND JENSEN Northern State University
8:54 9:06 H1.00003 Channelling radiation from a 4 MeV electron beam interaction with a diamond crystal WADE RUSH, JACK SHI University of Kansas, FERMILAB A0
9:06 9:18 H1.00004 Graphene Synthesization by Direct Sonication Exfoliation ANIEL SODEN, JINCHENG BAI, LIFENG DONG Missouri State University
9:18 9:30 H1.00005 Investigation of nitrogen-doped graphene as catalyst and catalyst support for oxygen reduction in both acidic and alkaline solutions JINCHENG BAI, LIFENG DONG Missouri State University
9:30 9:42 H1.00006 PLD growth of multilayered MgO/Ag(001)/MgO pho-tocathode DANIEL VELAZQUEZ, ZIKRI YUSOF, LINDA SPENTZOURIS, JEFF TERRY Illinois Institute of Technology
9:42 9:54 H1.00007 Improved laser heating technique for melting dusty plasma crystals ZACH HARALSON, JOHN GOREE University of Iowa
9:54 10:06 H1.00008 Experimental test of the Fluctuation Theorem using a microsphere in a rarefied gas CHUN-SHANG WONG, JOHN GOREE, BIN LIU University of Iowa
Session H2 Condensed Matter Physics IV Physics Building, Room 126 Chair: Carsten Ullrich, University of Missouri
8:30 9:06 H2.00001 A look at graphene’s atomistic geometry and electronic properties from the perspective of discrete differential geometry  SALVADOR BARRAZA-LOPEZ  University of Arkansas
9:06 9:18 H2.00002 Electrical Transport Properties In Large Area Boron-Nitrogen-Carbon Layers BALEESWARAIAH MUCHHARLA, ARJUN PATHAK, ZHENG LIU, LI SONG, THUSHARI JAYASEKERA,  SWASTIK KAR, ROBERT VAJTAI, LUIS BALICAS, PULICKEL AJAYAN, SAIKAT TALAPATRA, NAUSHAD ALI Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Rice University, Northeastern University
9:18 9:30 H2.00003 Structural and electronic properties of SrTiO3/LaNIO3 slabs with and without oxygen vacancies PABLO RIVERO, SALVADOR BARRAZA-LOPEZ, JAK TCHAKALIAN, SRIMANTA SMIDDEY University of Arkansas
9:30 9:42 H2.00004 Electric Field Tuning of the Rashba Effect SHANAVAS VEEDU, SASHI SATPATHY University of Missouri
9:42 9:54 H2.00005 Theoretical studies of terahertz spectra of crystalline energetic materials using molecular dynamics ANDREY PEREVERZEV, THOMAS SEWELL, DONALD THOMPSON University of Missouri
9:54 10:06 H2.00006 Time-dependent transition density matrix for visualizing charge-transfer excitations in photoexcited organic donor- acceptor systems YONGHUI LI, CARSTEN ULLRICH University of Missouri
Saturday November 9 - 10:06-10:30        
Coffee Break Physics Building, Lobby
Saturday November 9 -10:30-11:54        
Session I1 Condensed Matter Physics V Physics Building, Room 120 Chair: Paul Miceli, University of Missouri
10:30 11:06 I1.00001 QSE growth and super-diffusive liquid-like motion in Pb/Si(111) at low temperature MICHAEL TRINGIDES Iowa State University
11:06 11:18 I1.00005 Minimum stable height of Ag nano-islands on Si(111)7x7  YIYAO CHEN, MICHAEL GRAMLICH, SHAWN HAYDEN, PAUL MICELI University of Missouri
11:18 11:30 I1.00003 Temperature Dependent Electrical Characterization of Graphene Flakes Synthesized Using Liquid Phase Exfoliation BALEESWARAIAH MUCHHARLA, MITCHELL CONNOLLY, ANDREW WINCHESTER, SUJOY GHOSH, SWASTIK KAR, SAIKAT TALAPATRA  Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Rice University, Northeastern University, National High Magnetic Field Lab, Florida State University
11:30 11:42 I1.00004 Interplay between restricted transport and catalytic reaction in nanoporous materials: KMC simulation and analytic theory  ANDRES GARCIA, JING WANG, DAVID ACKERMAN, JAMES EVANS Iowa State University
11:42 11:54 I1.00002 Effect of metal and semiconducting nanoparticles on the fluorescence of Dy3+ doped lead and bismuth borate glasses SAISUDHA MALLUR, STEWART FERRELL, P.K. BABU Western Illinois University
11:54 12:06 I1.00006 Supported shock waves in hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene melts: A large-scale molecular dynamics study MARKUS FROEHLICH, THOMAS SEWELL, DONALD THOMPSON University of Missouri
12:06 12:18 I1.00007 Fluorescence Enhancement and Single Molecule Fluorescence Detection on Nanogap Embedded Plasmonic Gratings fabricated using HD-DVD VINASH PATHAK, SAGNIK BASURAY, JOSEPH MATHAI, DREW MENKE, KESHAB GANGOPADHYAY, PETER CORNISH, SHUBHRA GANGOPADHYAY University of Missouri