Program2.html Information for Presenters

Information for Presenters:

Contributed talks are 10 minutes long, with two additional minutes allocated for questions.

Invited talks are 30 minutes long, with five additional minutes allocated for questions.

Under no circumnstance will speakers be allowed to exceed their total allocated time.

When preparing your talk, please bear into consideration that the audience will be significantly more diverse than in a topical meeting.

Each conference room will be equiped with a PC running Windows 7, Office 2010/2013 and Acrobat Reader. Presenters are asked to bring their talk in a USB drive at least one hour prior to their session start to a station near the registration desk, where it will be possible to test the presentation for compatibility and to load the talk into the session computer. Due to the tight schedule it will not be possible for speakers to connect their own laptop to the projector.

Posters will be mounted on 3 ft wide by 4 ft high panels. A schedule for mounting and dismounting the posters will be available when the conference program is ready.